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My Dad will beat up your Dad

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

You filthy Kestrels,

Gabh my leisceáil and Tug cic dom into next tuesday for the lack of posts you gorgeous gorgeous hen-pecked cailíní.

We're trying to keep it cool and simple by just doing a blog for the real Citizens Kane. well done, you're cool now. Your certificate is in the post. I'll give you a consensual kiss if you're not careful.

We're back after the summer so we are and we've done a few gigs after we've finished treating your mother to afternoon tea.

There we are now at Upstart Festival. IF you look closely you'll notice I'm actually just closer to the camera and not actually four times Neil's size.

But yeah, we're pluggin away, trying to sort out shite.

Here's Tom looking lovingly at his bass at Other Voices of UCC and Neil's Coccyx is cramping up. He's actually 40 years old. My arse is also caving in on itself.

In terms of gigs we're supporting Kill em' Charlie this Friday and then Luna Sky on Saturday week so get your tickets as they're a great bunch of lads.

Tom and I were on Emily Dollery's radio show with a very controversial interview where I accidentally said those with peanut allergies were God's mistake. I'll add a link at some point.

We are stuck for ideas for merch at the moment so if any of ye have any designs we'll buy them off ye. I think Iris had a few ideas but they're charging far too much. Because we could do with the merch.

We're filming a music video at the moment so be on the look out for that. It should be just liquid filth. It's a shot for shot remake of beyonce's single ladies.

Anyway, there's more stuff but lads you can't have steak for your starter course.

Go on my son,


Minister for Boogie



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