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The new Opel Astra. Better than sex?

Let me whisper into your ear, drenching your lobe in spit. OOohh they call them sweet nothings because my slobber is flying everywhere. Your auditory canal is drowning. OOOOOOh

I've been pumping iron in the gym. My guns are huge. Day or night, in sleet and rain, you best believe I will have those bad boys on display. I'll look like I'm keeping up with you in conversation but in reality I'm just thinking about when next I can look at my guns. You'll hear me say "Honey this isn't working out" and under my breath I'll say "but my guns are". You'll wonder why I'm such a fantastic kisser, how did I get so good. The answer; my guns. I've been smooching Bert and Ernie all night. That's what I call them. My lips look like Kylie Jenner took off her helmet in space. And you might ask to see my guns. I oblige naturally. Give them a feel. But don't you dare think you're going to run away with them. They're mine.

Long tangent I know but I wanted to get my point across.

Anywhoozel, be sure to get your tickets for our good selves and Pebbledash when we support the lovely Mirrors in Cyprus Avenue there in January. They're got a spanking new single out so give that a listen for some auditory orgasm. Tickets are 18+ because you have to be mature enough to handle that funk.

Tickets can be found here

Oh yeah it's going to be fantastic. It's on a Friday so we're all taking a group bath afterwards. Call us a butcher elevating some beef because we're raising the stakes.

That's enough from me. We'll have more news soon. There's t shirts on the way. Oh if I could kiss your mother.




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